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Jack Roslovic has asked for a trade


Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames - Game Two Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Kevin Cheveldayoff had a media availability today where he was asked about Jack Roslovic and the answer was he would not be here for the start of camp without a contract. He might also be traded. One reporter asked if it was right that negotiations started up again last week and that Roslovic’s camp which includes his agent Claude Lemieux were not happy. And then Pierre Lebrun just dropped this on us:

Honestly, the Winnipeg Jets need defensive help and Roslovic was a prime player to use to get some. This is not a bad thing and he is without a contract so teams do not need to worry about salary cap space to fit his current contract under their cap. This works out well over all. But the Jets probably did not want this getting out.

It is easy to assume that any player is available. Roslovic’s name has been out there for a while and for good reason. He has been an okay player for the Jets and might flourish elsewhere, but the Jets have more of where he came from and should be fine. Now, there is probably a GM out there who will trade a decent defenceman for him.