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The Winnipeg Jets schedule is here!

No bubble, possibly not based in Winnipeg, but season 10 in Winnipeg is about to begin.

NHL: Western Conference Qualifications-Calgary Flames vs Winnipeg Jets Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets (and the rest of the NHL) now have a schedule which for the Canadian teams is playing at to be decided (TBD) locations so please ignore all potential timezone issues that might arise from having an entire country be a division because that is clearly not sorted out yet. The NHL still has time to do all this.

There is also the minor issue that no provincial health organization has signed off on games being played in their respective provinces which could make for some interesting issues for the Canadian division especially if multiple provinces do not allow games to be played in them. Will they find a place (Alberta) that will allow them to create a 56 game bubble? Or will they move their teams down to the US like the Toronto Raptors did for the season? So many options for the NHL to consider if they do not get permission to play in Canada.

The Jets have the fewest back to backs in the Canadian Division with nine (thanks to Murat Ates for that stat), but with no teams within driving distance, this might just be a way to balance that out. The Jets also lose out on their closest opponent in the Minnesota Wild this year (and I lose out on my accidental nap nights) which means their travel will be a bit higher, but that’s the case for everyone this year and hopefully next season this will all be back to normal.