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Bits and Bobs from the Winnipeg Jets

I have taken a break from Gritty memes for news.

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have made two signings this week: they re-signed Sami Niku to a two year contract and signing Marko Dano to a one year contract. Both of these moves are minor and don’t impact the team very much at all.

Niku is still a promising defenceman, but after two years of barely playing because of press box duty above all else. He lost out on valuable playing time in the AHL or NHL in years that he should have been playing lots to continue his development as he will be at his peak shortly. That is, if he can still reach his peak after not playing much.

Marko Dano was a player I advocated hard for playing time when he first came to the team. He had better underlying numbers than counting stats and seemed to be fitting in fine. It never worked out for him. This is a nice move though as it allows him to join the team in the AHL and not cost the Jets any NHL money. He is currently playing in Slovakia on a loan and should return to North America when the leagues start playing again.

Hockey news has slowed to a halt this week unless it is Gritty memes because those have been on fire. I try my best to not make this blog too political, so I will not share them, but understand Gritty is the only orange man I respect.