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The Winnipeg Jets hire Adam Lowry’s dad

Dave Lowry, Adam’s dad, is joining the staff.

Los Angeles Kings v Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets hired a new assistant coach on Monday to replace Jay Woodcroft who left the organization to go coach University of Vermont in the NCAA. That coach is Dave Lowry.

Yes, the Winnipeg Jets hired Adam Lowry’s dad to be the head coach and it could become a bit of a problem. While it is not unusual for parents to coach children at various levels throughout their minor hockey career. However, that practice usually stops at the professional level. Brent Sutter did coach his son Brandon at the Under-20 World Hockey Championships, but it is rare that it would happen at the professional level in North America.

It could end up that what Dave Lowry does with the Jets does not overlap with Adam’s role with the team. It is very likely that the two of them will have something worked out to ensure that they keep things at arms length at work. But the optics will likely stand out to many as bad. There are so many good coaches available, why would the Jets opt for the one who is the father to one of their players? Dave Lowry is an accomplished coach, but there are other coaches out there who fit the description as well. Hopefully this works out for the Jets, but it could also end poorly.