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Ten Ideas for Bob McKenzie’s Retirement

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Bob McKenzie said a few words about fashion and then my mind took off.

2019 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I was watching the start of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft First Round waiting for the Jets to pick, missing my yoga when the second best part of the draft happened (best part being when Doug Wilson Jr. used ASL to announce Ozzy Wiesblatt’s name because his mom is deaf): Bob McKenzie provided us with fashion analysis including where Quinton Byfield got his suit and that bow ties are in again. So without further ado, here is what Bob McKenzie can analyze now that he is retired from hockey analysis.

  • Fashion Analyst: I would like him to continue his draft fashion analysis and put in some research to next year’s list. Chop chop, time is running short.
  • Thicc Boi Analyst: When Marco Rossi was drafted by the Minnesota Wild, McKenzie came really close to saying he is a Thicc Boi. Honestly, he needs to bring that into his analysis next season and make up a Thicc Boi ranking.
  • Wine Analyst: Honestly, follow him on social media and this comment makes sense. Maybe he could do a wine ranking based on price one day.
  • Margarita Analyst: People go to Bob’s cabin and make him margaritas and he judges them. Winner stays for dinner.
  • Draft List Maker: His scout surveys are invaluable. We need more of them from him.
  • Cowbell Ringer: There is a TSN video, Puck Over Glass, where he plays the the cowbell like a champ. Remember it.
  • Music Analyst: Hear me out, we make Bob McKenzie review random songs and CDs from all eras. For fun. Anyone. Even if he hates them.
  • Bob McKenzie Tries: a series where he tries new things and then analyzes them. These things can be anything.
  • Puppy Talks: I dunno, I just love puppies and it is after midnight.
  • Literally anything. I miss him.