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The NHL Draft is Tonight

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2020 NHL Draft Lottery Phase 2 Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

First of all, who does a draft on a Tuesday night? The NHL. Couldn’t they have done Wednesday so I could go to yoga? Nope.

The Winnipeg Jets will pick tenth overall and then they might also trade a player although it is sounding like those trade talks have died down recently in regards to one Patrik Laine. This probably indicates that no one was willing to pay the price that Kevin Cheveldayoff is asking. Again, I recommend that the Jets also put Kyle Connor on the market not because they have to trade him, but to see which player would bring them the return they desire.

So the draft is tonight and a million things could happen. Tomorrow the rest of the draft runs while I am at work (sorry world), so coverage might be a bit spotty. But the Jets being the Jets do not have many picks and real activity might be with trades or signings. Hopefully the re-signing of Dylan DeMelo will be in this weeks news. The Jets need more defencemen and he is a good one.

The NHL Draft starts at 6 PM CST on Sportsnet. The Jets will be picking tenth overall and hopefully no major trades happen.