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Should the World Under-20 Men’s World Championship be played this year?

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Will we have Christmas hockey?

Canada v Denmark - 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

The IIHF has cancelled multiple tournaments this year. Currently, they have not cancelled the Men’s Under-20 World Championships (MWJC). This is most likely because it is a massive money maker for them over the years. However, this year it could be a bit of an issue.

Canada is hosting the MWJC and the current rise in cases here could cause greater issues for the event come December and January. They will most certainly have to create another bubble in Canada and then have teams quarantine when they land. That adds massive added costs to the teams travelling which could make it close to impossible to stage the event in a way that supports the smaller nations.

All these issues will have to be weighed by the IIHF who currently say that the MWJC is going to go on as planned. But with cases rising worldwide including in Canada, US, and most of Europe, the IIHF might have to re-evaluate if it is worth it. Will all teams be able to enter Canada? If they do, how will everyone be kept safe? Can they create another bubble? What about quarantining? And what happens if there is a positive test?

People are worth more than money. No one should be put at risk for a hockey tournament. But does the IIHF think the same?