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The 2020 NHL Mock Draft Pick #10: Seth Jarvis (Winnipeg Jets)

In the SB Nation NHL mock draft, the Jets select Winterhawk Seth Jarvis.

2020 NHL Draft Lottery Phase 2 Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

The 2020 NHL draft holds many unusual storylines, including the likely trade of star winger Patrik Laine and the continued complications caused by the COVID virus. With the additional holes that Laine’s absence will create, the Winnipeg Jets need to make sure they make the most of their assets to fill roster gaps. One such asset is the 10th overall pick in this year’s draft. There will likely be at least one high-end forward talent that falls to the Jets, but the name remains a mystery. We authors at SB Nation decided to put our heads together to see what a potential top-10 selection might look like.

  1. New York Rangers: Alexis Lafreniere
  2. LA Kings: Quinton Byfield
  3. Ottawa Senators: Lucas Raymond
  4. Detroit Red Wings: Tim Stützle
  5. Ottawa Senators: Marco Rossi
  6. Anaheim Ducks: Jamie Drysdale
  7. New Jersey Devils: Cole Perfetti
  8. Buffalo Sabres: Anton Lundell
  9. Minnesota Wild: Alexander Holtz
  10. Winnipeg Jets: Seth Jarvis

Drafting Seth Jarvis

This mock draft didn’t exactly go as I’d anticipated. For the most part, our colleagues all went for offensive upside/BPA. That left very few high-end centre options for the Jets to choose from, and Jake Sanderson was still on the board. Considering the options available, I felt Seth Jarvis had to be the pick. Just who is this talented Canadian attacker?

All stats sourced from Elite Prospects.

Seth is, in a word, a dynamo. The smaller winger is a remarkably skilled attacker, especially navigating small spaces and slipping between defensive structures. Seth isn’t afraid to skate between tight areas before ripping off an impressive shot or finding a teammate for a clear scoring opportunity. His excellent agility, balance, and stickhandling allow him to make quick work of defensive marks. The second half of his latest season saw a ridiculous surge in scoring, with Seth averaging anywhere from 2 to 3 points a night.

Portland Winterhawks at Kelowna Rockets Photo by Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

While Jarvis is an incredibly potent attacker, he will need some time to round out his game. Seth tends to be aggressive at his own blueline, but not because he’s looking to deny zone entries. No, he’s always spying a rapid counter in the other direction. His own body of defensive zone work leaves something to be desired. What you’re getting in Seth is someone seemingly designed to attack the netmouth region with every tool in the box. Whether all of those skills translate at the pro level remains a bit of an unknown. At 10th overall, though, Seth’s potential is sky-high.

If you’re wondering why I opted for Jarvis over Sanderson, it’s because I tend to think Jake’s ceiling is likely a second-pairing two-way D. I like Jake’s skillset and I think he’d be a very good zone exit specialist. He’s also intelligent when in possession and isn’t afraid to distribute the puck in the offensive zone. Sanderson remains a well-rounded prospect, but if I’m choosing in the top-10, I want explosive upside. For me, Jarvis seems like the better bet to earn a path to stardom. If Seth pans out, he could be a venomous top-6 winger with elite playmaking ability. Jake will likely be a great defender, but I’d rather opt for goalscoring ability first.