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“I can’t be hurt, I’m already dead inside.”

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Did the Jets try to improve at all.

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by John Delaney/NHLI via Getty Images

First things first: there were books to read while the Winnipeg Jets were signing an elite AHL team so, sorry.

The Jets free agency haul has not been noteworthy. Their best move was signing Dylan DeMelo before he hit the market as a free agent. Sometimes Their second best move was re-acquiring Paul Stastny and that is partially because it means that they are at least dedicating roster space and cap space to someone who is not an offensive void. Truly inspired.

There is nothing wrong with re-signing Nathan Beaulieu and Luca Sbisa and then supplementing them with Nate Thompson and Dominic Toninato. Kevin Cheveldayoff’s big moves were to change nothing and assume that everything is going to get better because of DeMelo.

The Jets off-season is uninspiring and boring. The best parts are who they drafted in the first round and who they kept on their team. The second best part is the single player they brought back into the fold after a couple years apart. They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I started writing this last night. This morning it was announced that the Jets signed Derek Forbort to a 1 year/$1 million contract which is good. He is the type of player that makes a good 6/7 defenceman...except he will probably end up being more than that. I cannot fault him for not being used to maximize his abilities.

The Jets off-season is currently more of the same as last year and it is disheartening and disappointing. There doesn’t appear to be much of a desire to improve the team or give young players a shot (which would improve the team) and instead seems to think that status quo is good enough. It isn’t. The fans deserve to be given a better roster to watch and the players deserve a better roster to work with. Alas, this is what we have.

*credit to Harrison L. for the quote in the title.