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Recap: Jets fall prey to Predators

Nashville Predators v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets lost to the Nashville Predators. It was not a bad loss as it was only by one goal. However, they did look out of it for the first period which is supposedly a symptom of returning from a road trip. They did start looking better as the game went on, but there was something missing the whole time.

The amount of times the Jets made ill-advised back-passes this game should be noted as well. It cost them the goal against and a few other chances. It really did not seem worth it when watching the whole thing happen in the game. The passes were not advancing the puck and were putting the team in a bad place. Death to ill-advised back passes!

Three Thoughts

  • The game was one of the least eventful Predators vs Jets games I can remember. Instead of the normal high-flying game, the Jets started off very slow and had the Predators outplaying them fairly handily in the first period. It was a big change from previous games between the two which were always riveting and crazy. The playoff series between the two teams was fantastic as well.
  • The Jets got off to a horrid start. They were off their game and did not seem to be able to really get anything going in the first period. The power play came close in the second, but ultimately it was not enough to push the Jets to a win yesterday afternoon.
  • I joke about it, but is Connor Hellebuyck ever going to get a rest this season. Laurent Brossoit is not as good as he was last year, but he is still a decent back up who can step in and play. Instead of running Hellebuyck into the ground, they should look at starting Brossoit every once and a while to let Hellebuyck have a game off.