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Recap: The Season so Far

Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets season has been nothing short of a lot of ups, downs, frustrating moments, and pure excitement. The game against the Colorado Avalanche was pretty much the season in a nutshell. With that said here are some general thoughts on the season as it is instead of a recap of the game last night:

  • Connor Hellebuyck has gotten his groove back and it is glorious. Without him, the Jets would be in tough most nights. The defence is still going through some issues especially when it comes to injuries and absences. Thankfully, their goalie has been excellent most nights and helping them stay in games.
  • The emergence of Jack Roslovic on the second line has been great for the Jets. He wanted more playing time last season and this season when he got the chance, he ran with it. He has had a positive impact on the team and he has the ability to drive play has helped the Jets endure some injuries upfront.
  • Patrik Laine remembering he is an excellent passer. While he will always be known for his goal-scoring, he was quite a good passer as a rookie. He is back to showing that side of his game. While he is still struggling to drive play, the fact he has found ways to contribute offensively is a plus for him. Baby steps.
  • Neal Pionk has been a revelation for the Jets. He has improved exponentially when it comes to driving play and he has effectively done all that has been asked of him and more. It is wonderful that he has managed to take a big step forward especially since the Jets have really needed him to do so.
  • The Jets have managed to endure all sorts of injuries this season and that is partially because they had the depth from earlier in the season. However, some injuries have been more damaging than others. The Jets were a top-six heavy team without Mathieu Perreault on the third line and even not having Andrew Copp on that line hurts their ability to contribute.
  • Finally, it is really hard to get a read on Paul Maurice. He manages to make some solid lineup choices, but he also tends to stick with things that don’t work for far too long. He has done well with the Jets this year, but he has also been aided by Hellebuyck’s strong play throughout the season.

The Jets have been a surprising team this season. They can be exciting and frustrating to watch; sometimes at the same time. They have the talent to be a good team, but they don’t have the talent to take periods off like they do. They are a fun team though and this season is all about the ride.