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Help Wanted

Arctic Ice Hockey wants you!

2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Arctic Ice Hockey is once again looking to add more writers. These positions will not be paid and if you ever cannot watch a game/life happens and you cannot help when you said you would, no sweat off your back.

Winnipeg Ice Coverage:

Winnipeg has a WHL team now! If you want to cover the team in any way you see fit (weekly or monthly recaps, the odd article, whatever you want), AIH would love to have your thoughts and help you get them out to the public.

Game Coverage:

If you noticed last year, Harrison wrote a lot of recaps. Derek and I tended to do the daily stuff. Having more people available to watch the games before 6 am CST/CDT for publishing that day can be hard because people have busy lives. If you watch a lot of games and like to share your thoughts, we can always use help here.


Having fresh content is hard. The more thoughts and opinions that we have, the better. When I edit pieces, I am looking at spelling, grammar, and word choice. You could write about how Paul Maurice is a great coach and I would run the piece regardless as to if I agree with the content or not.

One other note: I am currently working with about 20 EAL students who take a lot of time during the day (and prep time at night). It will take me a while to get back to you as I will try to make that a weekend thing, so my apologies.

If you are interested, email Cara at