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Winnipeg Jets re-sign Nathan Beaulieu

The Jets got off to a good start for free agent frenzy!

Winnipeg Jets v Minnesota Wild Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have re-signed Nathan Beaulieu to a one year contract worth $1 million. This is an excellent move for the Jets and one that should be applauded on July 1 or any other day in the off-season.

While Beaulieu might never put it all together for an entire season, he is someone who can play well for long stretches and help a team in a pinch. As he showed at the end of last season, he is versatile enough to fill in higher up on the defence when called upon. He might not work there long term, but that’s okay.

This contract honestly has no risk to it. If he is really bad, it can be hidden in the AHL with almost no penalty against the cap, if he is good then it is a bargain of a bargain. Either way, the Jets come out on top and that is what you want when you sign a player.

The Jets did not qualify Beaulieu because his qualifying offer would have been quite high and they did not think he was worth it. Once they did that, he became a free agent which allowed them to sign him to this contract.

The Jets still need more defencemen and potentially a replacement for Brandon Tanev who has signed a six year contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins worth $3.5 million a season. And no, you did not read any of those words wrong, you just think you did because the story is so weird.