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The Winnipeg Jets are vulnerable to offer sheets

If a NHL team decides that they want to make enemies, the Jets are the perfect target.

Winnipeg Jets v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are entering an interesting off-season where they have a lot of good players to re-sign and not a whole lot of cap space in the grand scheme of things. It averages out to about $3 million a player, but when those players include Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor it becomes clear that there is not enough money to go around. This means that the team is vulnerable to an offer sheet to one of their RFAs that could seriously harm their cap.

If a team truly wanted to put the Jets in a tough spot, they would not go after Connor or Laine unless it was with a big offer. Instead, they would go after a player like Andrew Copp who the Jets value and is good and offer him just a bit more than the Jets would want. This is what the San Jose Sharks did many years ago to the Chicago Blackhawks when they sent an offer sheet to Niklaj Hjarlmarsson. By sending the offer sheet to Hjarlmarsson instead of a bigger name player, the Sharks attacked the internal salary structure of the Blackhawks while also making a play for a good young defenceman.

This is where the Jets are vulnerable to offer sheets and will be for the rest of this off-season until they sign some players to reasonable contracts. The Jets have a lot to do and while they need help on defence for example, trading for more salary right now might not be the best move until they sort out their own house.

Is it likely that the Jets will have a player sign an offer sheet? Nope, because the NHL hates fun and chaos. Is it possible that if it happens and the Jets off-season would be thrown into total chaos? Yes. As a fan, it would not be fun to see the Jets have to do the salary cap dance to keep the team together. As a lover of chaos, I would be in heaven. The Jets are vulnerable to an offer sheet right now and if another team decides to act on it, watch out.