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The Winnipeg Jets should avoid Tyler Myers in free agency

The cost far outweighs the return

St Louis Blues v Winnipeg Jets - Game Two Photo by Jason Halstead/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are coming dangerously close to losing Tyler Myers to a team that will pay him a lot of money for a lot of years and this is a good thing. While he was a fine third pairing defenceman for the Jets, he struggled whenever he was moved up into the top four and that became an issue for the team overall.

One of the reasons Myers struggles is he struggles to make consistent defensive reads and decisions. He does not always make the right decision and when he does that his decisions are so inexplicable that fans are left confused about what he is actually doing.

Beyond that, Myers is not a top-level defenceman in anyones’ eyes unless that eye is a general manager’s on July 1. He is much better away from Dmitry Kulikov, but not a few million over $4 million better away from Kulikov. He has missed games every season season except for the 2017-2018 season. He only missed two games this year though and his hip issues seem like a thing of the past now.

Finally, it made sense for the Jets to protect Myers as his young son had been born prematurely and his doctors are located in Winnipeg. A couple years have passed since then and things are hopefully at a point where the Myers family can move where they want without worrying about the medical care of its youngest member. I can say as someone who has had a family member born prematurely and that family move a few years after that persons birth, once they are good and clear, they are fine. There might be other challenges in that persons life, but those can be dealt with in their new home no worries.

The Winnipeg Jets should not try and sign Myers based on what he is asking versus what he does on the ice. They should not feel obligated to keep him around because of his son like they (rightfully) did during the 2017 expansion draft.

It is hard to say whom the Jets can acquire to shore up their defence, but without Myers they can add a new piece or two.