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2019 NHL Entry Draft Day Two Watch Thread

2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Time: 12 Noon CDT

Channel: Sportsnet (Canada), NHL Network (USA)

The Winnipeg Jets have a fairly light day coming up at the draft with only four picks today. They start off in round two with the fifty first pick and then progress every 31 spots. They should be able to get another good player at 51 as there are still plenty of good players left who were ranked in the first round.

That said, if they do go off the board, it might not be the end of the world. Last year the Montreal Canadiens went off the board and took a kid by the name of Alexander Romanov. EOTP was a bit confused and then a few things came out after the fact: the Habs had held a European combine and actually learned more about him and the fact he was not a bad as his ranking suggested. He played in the KHL right after he was drafted and did alright for himself. This is not a story to brag about the Habs pick, but to highlight the fact that when it comes to prospects you really do have to wait to see how they develop.

The draft is going to go later today. It will feature many people acting like you can win or lose a draft without a couple years of knowledge of what will happen to the players in the next few seasons. There might be a player who was not drafted because of an undisclosed medical reason or something that the public is not privy to know.