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Player Review: Par Lindholm and Matt Hendricks

Sometimes, players are just there.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Minnesota Wild David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to most player reviews, we scratch the surface on what the player brings to the Winnipeg Jets and what their future holds. I am not going to do that for Par Lindholm and Matt Hendricks because they did not play enough for the Jets to fairly evaluate them as players. But I will do my duty and write a combined review for them anyways.

Matt Hendricks played in four games for the Jets this season and recorded one assist. He also had a positive attitude and it was infinitely better being scratched than a young guy still trying to make the NHL. Those players should be playing either in the AHL every game or in the NHL regularly and if they are in a rotation to be scratched or scratched frequently, they will not get the playing time they need. Enter Hendricks who spent his free time doing this instead:

Time in the press box well spent.

Par Lindholm has the same stats as Hendricks with the Jets and it makes sense why I have no recollection of his play. He was acquired for Nic Petan in a move that was clearly made to free Petan and not improve the Jets. Lindholm did his job and did it to the best of his abilities. At the end of the day, that was all that was asked of him.

Both Hendricks and Lindholm were brought to the Jets to sit in the press box. They did that and played when called upon. It would be unfair to evaluate them based on their combined eight games in a Jets uniform, therefore we will not and instead enjoy Hendricks’ twitter profile picture.