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Should the Winnipeg Jets trade Jacob Trouba?

Should the Jets trade their top-four defenceman?

Winnipeg Jets v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Jacob Trouba’s relationship with Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Jets has never seemed to be that great. It’s not that Trouba has said he hates the city or the team, but it is apparent from his contract negotiations that things are often harder than they have to be between the two parties. There have been some suggestions that the Winnipeg Jets should trade Trouba and then Elliotte Friedman said this:

“Most people I ask think Jacob Trouba will be traded. One did raise an interesting point: Would Winnipeg do what Columbus did and keep him as your own rental? If you think he can help you win next year, do you shoot your shot and take your chances?” (Source)

This is a really tricky question now. Trouba would fetch a fair amount in a trade and the Jets do need some young, cheap pieces to help the team long-term. They also need help on defence and Trouba is the latter. So, would it make sense to trade Trouba or do you keep him knowing he is going to leave at the end of his contract?

The Jets could choose to go either direction with Trouba and would be smart to see how difficult of a contract negotiation they are facing. Tough negotiation should mean trade him now and start to re-stock the cupboard with young players who can help the team now and in the future. It’s a shame it will probably end like this, but this is the way it goes.