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A Bandwagon Fans Guide to the Winnipeg Jets

Your team is out of the playoffs and you want someone to cheer for: have not fear, here is an ABC guide to the Winnipeg Jets and Winnipeg overall.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Anaheim Ducks at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

A - Arctic Ice Hockey: You made it here, so we are your first and best source of Winnipeg Jets news. Plus, our Twitter feed is awesome.

B - Byfuglien: The big man on defence is one of the most fun players in the game. He can wreck a player with ease, decide he wants to be a forward for a bit, or drag two players away without trying. He brings fans to their feet.

C - Connor: Both Connor Hellebuyck and Kyle Connor are integral pieces to the Jets success. Kyle scores a lot of goals and fits in on almost any line while Hellebuyck managed to wrest the starting job away from Ondrej Pavelec and the rest is history.

D - Dancing Gabe: Gabe is a well-known Winnipeg sports fan who goes to all Winnipeg games (Blue Bombers, Goldeyes, Moose, and Jets) and dances during the breaks. He is a gem and we love him.

E - Ehlers: The Danish Delight that you cannot buy in a donut store. He is slick, he is fast, he will get you out of your seat...and he is Patrik Laine’s best friend.

F - Forwards: The Jets forward group is a big, strong group of players who are oddly skilled as well.

G - Goalie: To know the Winnipeg Jets is to know Ondrej Pavelec. Let’s just say we are beyond happy he has moved out and Hellebuyck has moved in.

H - Home: The Winnipeg Jets have a reputation for having very loud fans and hopefully that continues throughout the playoffs.

I - Injuries: Josh Morrissey is still out injured. Dustin Byfuglien just came back from an injury. Laurent Brossoit is still out with one. The Jets have been injured a lot and it is still ongoing. It’s okay, we have Joe Morrow.

J - Jump: One of the songs that was synonymous with the original Jets,

K - Kulikov: He brings angst to Jets fans, but he is better than Mark Stuart so there’s that.

L - Little: One of the Atlanta Thrashers who is still on the Jets, Bryan Little has done everything including being a kitchen sink, I am certain. He now is bouncing around on lines and contributing well.

M - Matty P: The French Jesus, Mathieu Perreault is a bit of a Corsi God around these parts and has the hair to prove it. And to make things even better, he has not been hurt for an extended period of time this season.

N - Nathan Beaulieu: He came to the Jets because Josh Morrissey and Dustin Byfuglien were hurt and he has looked good ever since.

O - Offsides: #EndOffsides2019

P - Playoffs - The Jets have not been in the playoffs often, only twice since 2011, but they have always been fun when they get there.

Q - Quiet Please: The only time BellMTS Place is quiet is when the anthems are announced.

R - Rest: The Jets have not had a lot of rest this season thanks to time off for going to Finland and their bye week.

S - Sami Niku: The little used young Finnish defenceman has been a sight for sore eyes when he does get to play. Plus his hair is amazing.

T - Time Out: Paul Maurice never calls them and it can be very frustrating for fans at times.

U - Under-Contract: The Jets have multiple players who are not under contract for next season including Kyle Connor and Patrik Laine. Uh-oh.

V - VJ’s: VJ’s Drive In is open all year, so go get your burger and fries in our “spring”!

W - Winter: It has been an endless winter here and even April is not nice. Sorry to anyone visiting Winnipeg.

X - Xerox: Can we just use this one in lieu of copy as the Jets should just xerox their strategy from last season to get better results.

Y - Yearlong: This season has been a yearlong struggle to find “good” again and they will hopefully have found it by the playoffs.

Z - Zoo: We have a zoo with polar bears. I know this has nothing to do with hockey here, but I am struggling folks.