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Game Four Recap: Home for a (day’s) Rest

The Jets live to die another two days thanks to an overtime win in St. Louis.

Winnipeg Jets v St Louis Blues - Game Four Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets beat the St. Louis Blues at home to tie the series up at two. There were many instances when the Jets could have folded up and come home, but they stuck with it and won the game. Now they are coming back with a tied series instead of being down 3-1 and they will hopefully be able to feed off the crowd energy at Bell MTS Place for game five on Thursday.

First Period:

Both teams got off to a bit of a slow start with the Blues pulling away prior to the ten minute mark and getting some good chances. Thankfully, the Jets decided that they were going to respond in an equally strong fashion and managed to even the shots on goal. The two teams continued to exchange chances, but nothing would come of it before the period ended. All in all, it was a near perfect period for the Jets on the road in the playoffs. The only thing they failed to do was score a goal.

Second Period:

This is where things could have all fallen apart for the Jets and yet they did not. While they did not score any goals, they also did not allow any goals which was a huge benefit to the Jets. It has not always been pretty for the Jets this year, so seeing them actually doing their job is satisfying. Anyways, this period happened and while there were some close calls, no one scored and they went into the third period tied at zeros.

Third Period:

The Winnipeg Jets allowed the first goal to Vladimir Tarasenko on an early penalty kill, but did not cede a goal after that. First things first: Mark Scheifele scored the tying goal that the Jets needed. The Jets managed to kill a penalty in the dying minutes to get to overtime. And the NHL managed to mess with our sleep for one more night. You see, the NHL decided that two very clearly Central Time Zone should start games at 8:30 PM and it honestly makes writing this recap hard because of how tired I was watching the end of the game. In short, the Jets were not great in the final period, but they did what they needed to do to get the game to overtime where anything can happen.


For the first time this series, we got an overtime game and for the first game this series, Patrik Laine did not score a goal. Instead, Kyle Connor scored the overtime winner and then we all went to bed while Matt Hendricks posted this:


  • The top line was on fire last night and were rewarded with two goals.
  • I stand by my assertion that Laine’s strength lies in his beard. Goat Man forever.
  • Hellebuyck was fairly good this game.


  • Me for thinking they would lose in overtime. I lack faith.