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Game Three Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs St. Louis Blues

It’s time to win.

St Louis Blues v Winnipeg Jets - Game Two Photo by Jason Halstead/Getty Images

Time: 6:30 PM CDT

Channel: Sportsnet

Radio: TSN1290

It is almost do or die time. The Winnipeg Jets dropped their first two games of their first round series against the St. Louis Blues and now need to win at least one of the two games in St. Louis if they want to go on to die another day.

The Jets have been playing much like they have been throughout the regular season because you cannot just turn it on in the playoffs if your play has not been good for a majority of the season. However, somehow this does not apply Patrik Laine who clearly stores all his powers in his facial hair with his goal scoring powers coming back just in time for the playoffs.

What can the Jets do now? Play a disciplined game. This means tight defensive coverage, getting the puck on net as much as much as possible without throwing it away needlessly. And Connor Hellebuyck needs to find his form from last season for at least one game.

The Jets are not down and out yet, but they are down and they do need to turn it around. If they are able to do these things, they could make a comeback in this series, but it just seems so impossible right now. Good thing I don’t play for the team.