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Kyle Connor: First Star in the NHL

NHL: Nashville Predators at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Connor has had a sparkling week. He scored a hat trick against divisional rival and number one enemy the Nashville Predators as part of his five goal, three assist week in the four games the Jets have played this week.

This is just another feather in the cap for Connor’s season. He has been excellent most of the year, showing his versatility as a player. The change in centres for him and Patrik Laine seemed to help both players get “unlocked” and play even better. Connor has been a solid player on Mark Scheifele’s wing all season and moving him back there was a smart move for all parties involved.

The Jets will continue their line experiment (unless I missed something when I was unable to watch the game on Saturday) against the Dallas Stars tonight and hopefully Connor will continue his hot play.

The Jets are set to have to re-sign Connor this off-season and they will most likely be targeting a contract that looks like Mark Scheifele’s contract. It is not a slam dunk that he will accept that type of contract as he might want more money due to his play or he might want a bridge contract so he can come back and get a bigger contract in a couple years.