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Adam Lowry suspended two games

He done did bad.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Lowry has been suspended two games for a high stick to the head of Filip Forsberg. This is his second suspension from what I can remember.

When you watch the play, it seems as those Lowry purposefully swung his stick into Forsberg’s head as it was flailing in the other direction prior to the contact.

This play deserved a suspension and I am not going to argue about the length. Players need to be in control of their sticks at all time and when they are not, it can result in a penalty. It’s a bad play from Lowry and he has been sufficiently punished for it now.

While losing Lowry will put the Jets lineup into a bit of upheaval, they will be able to slide Bryan Little into centre and play Mason Appleton again or Matt Hendricks if Appleton is in the AHL again. Either way, the Jets have the depth to deal with no Lowry for two games. This is not last season when he had back to back knee injuries and was out for an undetermined amount of time both times. This is different and the Jets have the depth to handle it wit ease thanks to the trade for Kevin Hayes.

Lowry can return next Friday against the Carolina Hurricanes.