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Recap: Jets take care of business

It wasn’t dominant, but it was clean.

Winnipeg Jets v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets and the Los Angeles Kings met in a very Los Angeles Kings game where the King’s tried to play their game and it backfired to the point where I almost fell asleep watching the game. My apologies for this recap because I am half asleep after a long day yesterday and another long one today.

Anyways, the Jets were clearly the superior team tonight and it is a testament to the Kings ability to be completely boring and useless that they almost made it through the whole third period being down by one and not yes being unable to take a shot. It was amazing and sad all at once. You know what Ilya Kovalchuk: how do the turntables.

Speaking of Kovalchuk, I did not notice the former Atlanta Thrasher at all except for the one time he took a penalty. It is nice for the Jets to not be burned by him (and for the Kings to be burned by signing him to that contract).

Anyways, the Jets played a solid game where the score did not indicate the Jets superior play. The Jets played like they were playing a bad team and had to take care of business. That’s what this game was and that is how they played. Finally.