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Preview and GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs Los Angeles Kings

The Winnipeg Jets are ready to take on Anze Kopitar and the Los Angeles Kings tonight.

Winnipeg Jets v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Time: 9:30 PM CST

Channel: TSN3

Radio: TSN1290

The Winnipeg Jets are playing the Los Angeles Kings in Los Angeles so Team No Sleep will rise again.

The Jets are coming off of an impressive win against the talented Calgary Flames while the Kings are...not so impressive. The Jets still need to be careful though because it only takes one goal to win a game and one goal to lose a game (sorry, I spent Sunday coaching elimination games so this is my headspace). The Jets will need to continue to make do with their rag-tag defence for a couple more weeks if I am counting correctly when it comes to injuries.

Now, the Jets could welcome Joe Morrow back into the lineup tonight, but I am not sure there is anyone in the Jets lineup who has earned the right to be scratched and would be unless their name is Sami Niku and he has been playing really well.

This game has a lot of potential to be a really late, boring game where not much happens and it ends with everyone asleep on their couch...or it could be a really exciting game where a lot happens and everyone is jumping around their living rooms. Hope for the latter, but expect the former because that would be the Kings.