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Is something wrong with the Winnipeg Jets?

Can the Jets pull out of their free-fall?

Winnipeg Jets v Boston Bruins Photo by David Lipnowski/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets were buyers again this past trade deadline and while the pieces they got are good, they have been struggling for most of the season and their current uneven win-loss record is a reflection of that.

The Jets current downturn started happening around Christmas time and has not stopped. The Jets have struggled with and without Byfuglien in the lineup. They have struggled with and without Josh Morrissey. The Jets have struggled period.

What has happened to the Jets? It is hard to say, but it seems like a bunch of little things have affected them instead of one big thing. Whatever it is, the Jets have not been good for a long time and it is time to ask the question: what should change after the playoffs?

The Jets will make the playoffs and they might even go far in the playoffs, but that does not mean that all is well for them. It makes more sense to make big changes in the off-season and that is what they should look at doing. The defence needs to have pieces added to it as they have been understaffed all year with players playing higher in the lineup than they should be.

The other place that changes should be made is the coaching staff. The coaches have made the same odd decisions for years and the Jets have rarely been able to overcome them. Last season appeared to be the exception not the rule. The Jets have a fairly good roster and need to have the correct staff in place for it to reach its full potential and things appear as though the staff might not be the right staff.

The Winnipeg Jets won last night and have been winning on a semi-regular basis lately, but they have not played well since Christmas and regardless of what happens in the playoffs, the Jets should look at making major changes to improve the team.