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Recap: Winnipeg Jets stall out in Detroit; lose to Red Wings

The penalty kill failed, the Jets struggled, and this was always bound to happen.

Winnipeg Jets v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets went into their game against the Detroit Red Wings last night as the heavy favourites and lost badly. They did not look good when they were playing. They looked disjointed and off last night. It happens and as frustrating as it can be to watch, it’s only one game and the Jets can bounce back from it in their next game.

Three Thoughts

  1. The first goal was the official not being aware of where they were on the ice in relation to the play which is really dumb because the play was right there. It’s a fact of hockey that you have to work around the officials and this game was no different, but he was right in Nathan Beaulieu’s line and clearly got in the way. Alas, there was a lot of game left when that goal was scored and the Jets were being outshot 8-1 or something at that point, so it was a moot point.
  2. The Jets really did not show up to play last night. It was almost embarrassing at times. They mounted a kind of comeback, then that quickly got off-track. The Wings have the league’s worst power play and yet the ended up with two power play goals. Filip Zadina scored his first goal in eight games this season as he has spent most of the year in the AHL. In other words, the Jets failed at the simplest levels of execution. It is the execution in games like this game that separates good teams from great teams. The table was set for the Jets to win tonight and it just never happened.
  3. Whenever the Jets looked like they might be picking it up to make a comeback, they would drop the ball and go back to not looking very good. They are a good team, but they are not a team that can simply not show up and still win and that is what happened last night. The Jets just looked bad. They looked off. They looked like a team who was simply not ready for the game and was never ready as the game went on.
  4. I am a cursed fan. If I say one thing, the opposite will happen. Them’s the rules.