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Recap: Winnipeg Jets downed by New York Islanders

The Jets lost again.

NHL: New York Islanders at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets played the New York Islanders in a game in which they just never seemed close to having the upper hand in for long. They scored first on a nice goal from Nikolaj Ehlers, but it seemed like the Islanders controlled the pace for much of the game. It is the type of game that has been par the course for the Jets for the season and it appears it will remain this way throughout this season unless something major changes.

Andrew Copp is the Second Line Centre

I will admit I was not the biggest Copp fan out there, but I stand corrected on my “he’s a fine bottom-six player” stance. He’s a player who can fit wherever he needs to fit and is not a black hole of offence. I am fairly new to being a Copp fan, but he is reminding me of Philip Danault of the Montreal Canadiens: not flashy, but effective and reliable. Maybe the Jets should have tried him as the second line centre before trading for Kevin Hayes...

Connor Hellebuyck and the Defence

I don’t want to say he is back as I do not trust the goalie coach in Winnipeg, but he is looking a lot better and is the reason the Jets are able to win games. I do not know what has changed between pre-season and now, it is a welcomed change that the Jets need to move on from. They cannot start relying on their goalie to regularly steal them wins. Their defence is disorganized much like it was last season. I know the Jets are waiting for Dustin Byfuglien to make his decision, but they need to start making moves to improve their defence even if it just systems play. The difference between the Jets defence two years ago until now is a massive negative and it shows. Two years ago, Hellebuyck was not called on to steal too many games.

A Thousand Little Grievances

Last night there were a bunch of little things that stood out: Josh Morrissey is struggling, the first unit power play is not functioning that well unless they are set up in the zone, the fact that the Jets are struggling and not just because of injuries...the list is a bit longer, but I am tired. In short, the Jets are a team with a lot to fix and they do not seem to see the issues. The defensive zone issue was there last season and Paul Maurice does not seem to realize that and more.