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Should Connor Hellebuyck take a break?

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There is something off with the Winnipeg Jets this year and one of the players who has looked off is Connor Hellebuyck. Thankfully, Laurent Brossoit has been playing excellently this year and the Jets have been able to give Hellebuyck more games off, but is there a reason to purposefully rest Hellebuyck and announce Brossoit will play a few games in a row?

It has become a thing in recent years to give players who are struggling a mental break. Earlier this season the Montreal Canadiens gave Carey Price four games on the bench and since then he has played better and more importantly looked more like himself. It might not take much, but having the time to work through some things and get back to what made last season so successful for Hellebuyck might not be a bad thing.

The Jets have a lot of pieces that just look off right now and one of them is Hellebuyck. Although it is not certain that it would help him, it might be a benefit to have him sit for a few games as a planned break and for the Jets to start Laurent Brossoit instead. There is not much downside, but the upside could be a reset Hellebuyck in time for the playoffs.