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Altitude Check: We’re talking trade bait

Who should the Winnipeg Jets look at in trades?

NHL Draft Lottery Photo by Brad White/Getty Images

Winnipeg Jets News

Nathan MacKinnon thinks the Jets are good. I was so worried there for a hot second. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Should the Winnipeg Jets be inquiring the Montreal Canadiens about Charles Hudon? (Habs Eyes on the Prize)

Sigh, the Minnesota Wild have always been a boring team and the Jets are prepared to play them again. Sigh. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Is Brandon Tanev potentially gone from the Jets this summer to fit more players under the salary cap and is Laurent Brossoit going to be a wanted man this summer because of his play this season? (Sportsnet)

Hockey News

Which teams could trade for Vladimir Tarasenko? (

Speaking of the trade deadline, who are some other players who might be traded? Could any of them fit with the Winnipeg Jets? Do the Jets need to make a trade? (Sporting News)

What award would you give each NHL team if you could give them a completely made up award? (Sportsnet)

The Cannon staff reviewed their predictions halfway through the season and things are looking okay for them. (The Cannon)

The AJHL is being accused to gender bias with regards to their officials. If this case is true, I hope they fix this fast. (