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Winnipeg Jets sign Blake Wheeler to a five year extension

The captain will spend six more years in Winnipeg.

Minnesota Wild v Winnipeg Jets - Game Five

The Winnipeg Jets have captain Blake Wheeler under contract for six more seasons including this one. He has signed a contract extension for five years and $41.25 million in total. The AAV is $8.25 million/season, which is a lot more than his current AAV of $5.6 million.

This is a fine more right now and in a vacuum. However, the Jets have a few key contracts coming up where the money that is being eaten up by Dustin Byfuglien’s and Blake Wheeler’s contract might be nice to have access too. While both Wheeler and Byfuglien are good players, they are also getting older and there is a reason to believe that they might end up with albatross contracts. However, that is not now and with the being five years, it is a reasonable contract.

Beyond that, this takes out any annoying talk about if the Jets will trade Wheeler and that is what we need right now. Now for the Jets to announce a Josh Morrissey contract today as well...