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Winnipeg Jets sign J.C. Lipon

The WInnipeg Jets are adding to their depth

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames

The Winnipeg Jets have signed Manitoba Moose forward J.C. Lipon to a one-year, two-way contract. His contract is worth $650 000 in the NHL and less in the AHL. It is unlikely that he has a minimum amount that he needs to earn on this contract above the AHL amount as he has been a rare call up over the past three seasons.

This is another depth signing for the Jets and the Moose. Lipon is an AHL veteran now and he will help the Moose as they continue to develop key young players for the Jets while still trying to instil a winning culture. Outside of that, Lipon is a potential fourth line call up if the Jets need one, but there might be younger players out there that can fill the same role and be better at it. It is unlikely Lipon will play for the Jets, but it is not impossible.