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Winnipeg Jets sign goalie Laurent Brossoit

The Jets have their (probable) back-up.

Edmonton Oilers v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have probably found their back-up goalie in Laurent Brossoit after signing him from the Edmonton Oilers today. It is their first signing of the UFA period.

Brossoit has spent his entire professional career with the Edmonton Oilers organization. While his AHL numbers have been good, his NHL numbers are questionable at best. It is still to be seen if he can become a legit NHL goalie or if he will remain a very good AHL player. This is a no-risk move either way.

Last year he had a 0.912 save percentage in 29 games in the AHL while he had a 0.883 save percentage in the NHL in 14 games. In only eight NHL games the previous season he had a 0.928, but that appears to be an aberration based on his other NHL stats.

This is a no-risk signing for the Jets who are still needing a centre for their second line after Paul Stastny signed with the Vegas Golden Knights.