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Winnipeg Jets trade Mason, Armia to the Montreal Canadiens

The Jets have some sweet, sweet cap relief.

Chicago Blackhawks v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have been trying to clear cap space for a while now. The Montreal Canadiens have a lot of cap space for the season that is sitting unused. The two teams made a trade to help rectify both situations in a salary dump scenario where the Habs have acquired Steve Mason, Joel Armia, a fourth round pick (2020), and a seven round pick (2019) for AHL defenceman Simon Bourque.

Bourque was a rookie in the AHL last year and was decent for the Laval Rockets. The more important thing is that the Jets have created some breathing room for them against the salary cap, which means they might be able to keep Paul Stastny with the team. This should also help with the Jacob Trouba contract.

The loss of Armia should be minimized by playing Marko Dano more as well as Nic Petan being with the Jets full-time next year. The real question is what will the Jets do about a back-up goalie? They can trade for someone or they can sign someone or they can bank on Eric Comrie suddenly being a serviceable NHL goalie.

This is an excellent move for the Jets. It gives them the cap relief they need for the short term so they can try and keep the gang together.