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The NHL needs to stop celebrating Bobby Hull

It is time the NHL let him be a footnote in history.

St. Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Bobby Hull was in Winnipeg as a guest of the Winnipeg Jets to watch game one of the Western Conference Finals. This is a problem as there is a lot of evidence that Bobby Hull has abused his wives and is a known Nazi sympathizer.

Brett Hull had a tough relationship with his father after his parents divorce and it took him making the NHL for them to reconcile. (Washington Post)

His daughter, Michelle Hull spoke about how when their father was drinking, you did not want to be around. (Chicago Tribune)

Michelle became a lawyer “to help people and provide a means of utilizing the law to protect those individuals who needed it.” (Avvo)

In 1998, Bobby Hull said that “Hitler, for example, had some good ideas. He just went a little bit too far,”. (Chicago Tribune)

A few years ago, Jeff Marek made it very clear that he was talking about Bobby Hull when he said that there was a player who it was an open secret that he would beat his wife when he drank too much. He said this while speaking on the now defunct Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast.

The NHL should disassociate themselves with Bobby Hull. There is enough evidence that he has abused his wives when they were married. His kids had a tough relationship with him because of this and it was an open secret within the NHL. The NHL and the Winnipeg Jets cannot erase what Hull has done on the ice nor should they. Instead, they should stop parading him out for the NHL and allow him to be a footnote in history.

Even if there has not been a criminal case against Hull, there are many reasons women do not go public with these cases, including their own safety. Never mind Hull is a powerful man who could use the court of public opinion as well. It makes sense that there has never been a criminal case against Hull. I am not advocating for him to be taken out of the Hockey Hall of Fame; I am only advocating for the NHL to ignore him as an ambassador or guest for any event and instead quietly move on from him. Just don’t parade him around anymore.