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Preview: Western Conference Final Game One Winnipeg Jets versus Vegas Golden Knights

The Jets are in the Western Conference Final with home ice advantage.

Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators - Game Seven Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are in the Western Conference Final and playing the Vegas Golden Knights. Read that sentence again and tell me that is real. The Jets are playing a team that has only played 10 games these playoffs, but the Jets have only played in 12, so there is not too big of a gap.

I missed game seven driving home, but I did manage to catch the score somewhere around Eriksdale on TSN1290 and all I know is the Jets won 5-1 and Pekka Rinne let in two stinkers. The problem is the Vegas Golden Knights and Marc-Andre Fleury have not been letting in stinkers these playoffs, in fact, Fleury has been nearly unbeatable. The Jets are in serious danger of getting goalied this round.

The Jets are probably the better team in all facets. They have superior depth and equally good goaltending in the regular season. So who will win the series? I think it might be a coin-flip this game. There is little separating the teams, but the Golden Knights have the better goaltending these playoffs and while the Jets have better scoring depth, the Golden Knights have lady-luck on their side.

Either way, the Jets have home-ice advantage these playoffs and they have been rocking it.


I have a hard time watching with my parents because of The Stress. The Stress is real, yo.