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Winnipeg Jets to face the Minnesota Wild in the first round

Start your engines; eight hour car rides are happening.

The Winnipeg Jets will face off against divisional rivals the Minnesota Wild in the first round of the 2018 NHL Playoffs. This is a favourable matchup according to a Sportsnet article that I cannot find.

This will be the second time that the Jets get to play a Bruce Boudreau team in the playoffs with the first time ending in a sweep. This time the Jets will be playing a team that is below them in the standings with key injuries to contend with including one to Ryan Suter.

Speculation on TSN has the Jets starting the playoffs next Wednesday in Winnipeg as they are the two seed and have home ice advantage for the first round if they win their first two games at home.

The Jets will be able to play without having timezone mess with them. Hopefully the Jets have a good time in the first round and finally win a playoff game.