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Recap: Winnipeg Jets beat Calgary Flames, ending their season on fire

It is almost playoff time, so the Jets prepared with a close hockey game.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

In their second last home game of the season, the Winnipeg Jets dressed most of their roster in preparation for the playoffs. They will have one final game before they enter the fray for the third time as a franchise Wednesday.

The Jets had long stretches where the Calgary Flames had more shots then them and they were giving up the middle of the ice at the same time, but Connor Hellebuyck was able to shut things down while the Jets used their supreme scorers to do damage even when the team was not feeling it.

Near the end of the game it looked as though Andrew Copp had scored, but the whistle had blown the play dead. This was most likely because the ref lost sight of the puck. It was no matter though as the Jets held on to win 2-1.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Winnipeg Jets player who is sitting out this Brandon Tanev. Tanev blocked a hard shot by Jeff Petry Tuesday night in Montreal and deserves the time to properly heal.
  2. As always, Connor Hellebuyck came to play tonight. He has been the Jets most consistent player and was the reason for the Jets fast start to the season. He is also the reason that they improved their goals against so much from last year.
  3. The Jets finally remembered that the period is 20 minutes long and scored with about a minute left to give the Jets the lead. It is so nice to see that they were able to inflict some of the pain that teams have been inflicting on them and for Wheeler to score such a nice tipped goal,
  4. As much as I complain about the TSN broadcast, they do know the Jets and they are able to talk about them. This is not something I can consistently say about Sportsnet and that is who will be producing, not necessarily broadcasting, the rest of the Jets games. If Sportsnet gave me my Dream Team of Bob Cole, Mark McMorris, Kurt Browning, and Scott Moir, I would not complain.
  5. Paul Stastny has been a fantastic pick up for the Jets. While Bryan Little is still a fine NHL player, he was never able to mesh with Nikolaj Ehlers and Patrik Laine. On the other hand, Stastny has fit with them like a glove, much like Mark Scheifele did last year. Yes, this was prompted by his excellent goal scored tonight.
  6. Spencer Foo is an excellent name and therefore his first NHL goal is an excellent goal. Thems the rules.
  7. Mark Giordano is a really good defenceman and has been able to defy the over 30 decline so far. If that lasts throughout his contract, the Flames will be very, very lucky.
  8. Michael Frolik might not be a Jet anymore, but Taters was still a part of one of the best early season Jets lines and therefore I hate seeing him get hurt than some players.
  9. Andrew Copp and Adam Lowry continue to do their best work together. Joel Armia makes so much sense with them it’s not even funny. The lines they are playing tonight should be their playoff lines as they make sense and maximize the Jets assets up front.
  10. Final playoff thought: This team needs Tobias Enstrom back to solidify their defence. They need someone other then Joe Morrow back there and with Dmitry Kulikov out with a back injury, Enstrom is likely our only hope.