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NHL Playoffs 2018: Game One is Friday night

We have a series start time!

Minnesota Wild v Winnipeg Jets - Game Five

With the second round schedule due out either tonight or tomorrow, the NHL has released game one times and dates and there is some good news for Winnipeg Jets fans: game one for the second round series against Nashville Predators is going to be Friday night at 7:00 PM CST.

It seems that we will gain more optimal times this round instead of the 6:00 PM CST on work nights from round one without being the terrible 8:00 PM CST from the Anaheim Ducks series of old.

Outside of this, there is no knowledge of which channel the games will be on or who the broadcasters will be. Rogers/Sportsnet is most likely waiting on the Toronto Maple Leafs/Boston Bruins series to finish before they make a final decision. While it would be nice to see them flip the CBC/Sportsnet teams if the Leafs make it through, that might not happen. The announcer teams could also change to Jim Hughson and his partner in crime if the Leafs do not make it through.