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The NHL should say “no” to Voynov

They kept him out of the World Cup of Hockey and they should put an end to his attempted return to the NHL.

Los Angeles Kings v Arizona Coyotes

There is word in Russia that Slava Voynov wants to return to the NHL and the Winnipeg Jets are one of the teams that is interested in bringing him back. The Jets and the NHL along with any other team interested in him should not bring him back to the NHL.

If you do not remember, Voynov spent two months in jail for domestic violence. He missed most of the season after the allegations came forward because he was suspended by the NHL. Voynov effectively left the NHL after his jail stint and has not really spoken in North America since.

There has to be consequences for actions and in this case it would be fair to say that not playing in the NHL again after serving jail time for domestic violence is a fair consequence. Whenever someone turns to violence, the consequences should be dire. Voynov is the one who made the choice to beat his wife and he should have to live with the consequences of that choice every day.

The NHL has a responsibility to take a stand and show that even if the legal consequences are over there are still real-life consequences that will always affect you when you raise a hand to another human and are found guilty of it in the court of law. The consequence should be a lifetime ban and that is all. Voynov was able to find work in the KHL. There is no need for sympathy here.

There is a moral obligation to not allow Voynov back into the NHL. They have fans who are victims of domestic violence themselves or have family members and friends who have suffered because of domestic violence. By not allowing Voynov back, the NHL is taking a clear stand against domestic violence. They have struggled to take a hard stance when it comes to players being accused of rape or sexual assault, but this time they have a conviction that they can use to say that they cannot lift a suspension on a player. Voynov is not the victim and he will be able to find work in the hockey world, but it should not be in the NHL.

The Winnipeg Jets and 30 other NHL teams should say no to Voynov returning from Russia. The NHL itself should take a stand and not lift his suspension. At this point we know that there are other leagues that will employ Voynov meaning that his wife and children will not be unintended victims in this move. There is no reason for the NHL to re-instate Voynov. They have nothing to gain from allowing Voynov back and there backlash would be immense. The NHL can hide behind the fact that Voynov went to jail for domestic abuse and say he is still suspended by the league. They kept him out of the World Cup of Hockey and they should follow that precedence this off-season.