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Recap: Jets beat the Sens and Cara celebrate libraries because Cara

I watched a hockey game and all I could think about was those magical buildings called libraries.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

I could have a lot to say about this game tonight, but instead I am fixated on ranting about public libraries and how important they are. So celebrate the Jets win by pouring one out for your local library. They provide computer/internet access to those who cannot afford it otherwise, they provide a social setting for those who need it, they provide a safe, warm place for anyone during their opening hours. The one is Swan River is a well stocked small town library and the ones in Winnipeg are my favourite places. So, sorry for the lack of hockey up here as the game was great and the commentary was good enough that I want a repeat effort tomorrow night.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Jets started the game fast with Andrew Copp scoring in his second consecutive game. Adam Lowry makes all the difference for the now fourth line and it is amazing how big of a difference their level of play is with him in the lineup.
  2. The Jets scored a goal and Craig Anderson was the only person on the ice who knew it went in. The told the refs to blow the play down.
  3. Do the Jets not like to play in the final two minutes of a period? Asking for a friend.
  4. We have two nights of other teams TSN broadcasts and I hope we get Gord Miller and Mike Johnston because they are a lot of fun to listen to and only give us smart commentary.
  5. This game is like watching a ping-pong game with all the back and forth scoring.
  6. Two goals went off of the net cam and I feel like that is some sort of record for the Jets. The second one came from Brandon Tanev and that is definitely not a sentence I ever thought I would type.
  7. This game started off by trying to put me to sleep, but that is not the case anymore as I am wide awake with these shenanigans.
  8. Can the Jets just stop blocking shots. Connor Hellebuyck is a good enough goalie to be able to handle those long shots, but the Jets do not want to keep on losing their depth to injuries.
  9. Dustin Byfuglien was held out and Sami Niku was given an extra day to acclimatize before playing the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal. A Finn debuting against Saku Koivu’s team is everything I ever wanted. Someone ask him about Koivu please.
  10. The Jets took a lot of bad penalties this game including two bench minors and then the Sens followed up the Jets competence with more bad penalties and it was a competition in how many weird penalties a game can have until the Jets allowed the Sens to score on a five on three following more bad penalties and then the final whistle blew.

This is a very weird recap due to my random fawning over libraries I had tonight. We will be back to our regular shenanigans tomorrow night against the Habs where I might have some things up my sleeve with my friends at Habs Eyes on the Prize. Follow them because they are good people.