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Recap: Jets are grounded by Minnesota

Winnipeg Jets v Minnesota Wild - Game Three Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are back to losing playoff games! In all honesty, this was a loss that was almost easy to see: even if they do not want to admit it, the Jets were probably confident coming into this game, every team gets pumped playing at home in the playoffs, and the Jets had a weird time getting to Minneapolis. And while they started off slow, they did start to dominate the second period until the wheels came off and they allowed three goals in the last five minutes of the period to essentially ice the game.

Now to my real bone of contention: the punch to Tyler Myers’ knee by Marcus Foligno. The GIF is at the bottom of the article so take a look, but it sure looks like Foligno meant to punch Myers in the knee to hurt him. Foligno is not the cleanest player and it is clear that Myers is a good defencemen for the Jets on the third pair. It sure seems as though he should be called before the Department of Player Safety to explain his choices.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Jets got a greasy goal early from Blake Wheeler. Is this because Devan Dubnyk is finally fatiguing or is it just luck. Time will tell.
  2. The Jets got two easy power plays according to Twitter. I was dealing with more plumbing issues in my apartment so I missed the start of the game. Happy to see that the Jets are still themselves and capable of playing fast.
  3. The Jets need to stop running around trying to hit guys. The Wild cannot match them five on five and need them to take bad penalties so they can stay in the game. The Jets are playing into their hand and need to smarten up so they can get back to doing what they do best.
  4. Tyler Myers has not had a particularly good game along with Ben Chiarot. The strength of Tobias Enstrom being in the lineup is it allows Myers to play on the third pairing where he is best able to succeed. However, it is lovely to see Myers score some goals for the Jets as he was quite good at that in his rookie season in Buffalo.
  5. The Jets are really turning things around. They have managed to pull ahead in the shots on goal and seem to be back to playing their game at all times. This is a positive sign as they are only one goal behind and can still easily come back.
  6. Can you tell I write this while watching the game? The Jets just fell apart in the most epic way and allowed two fast goals and then a third goal later on for good measure to make sure the Jets would be unlikely to come back.
  7. Tyler Myers is out for the game and probably for a good while longer based on how little he was moving on the ice. With Enstrom still injured, Sami Niku might be the best option for the Jets to replace one of the injured players in the playoffs. If Enstrom can go without hurting himself or the team, he would be best.
  8. Steve Mason started the third like he should have. Hellebuyck is great, but there is no reason for him to finish tonight’s game and Mason playing allows him to stay sharp and ready if he ever needs to be called upon.
  9. The Jets are missing Enstrom and Mathieu Perreault. While they might not be the best players on the Jets, they are difference makers and the Jets need them just to be able to push the Wild a little closer to the breaking point.
  10. Tyler Myers appears to have been injured by a punch to the knee. That’s dirty.