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Tobias Enstrom shut down for the regular season

The injury-prone defenceman gets a rest.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After battling injuries for the past few weeks, Tobias Enstrom has been shut down by the Winnipeg Jets for the rest of the regular season. This is a sensible move for the Jets as they need to be as healthy as possible for the playoffs and Enstrom’s health is important for their defensive depth.

With Enstrom shut down, will the Jets shut down any other players. They can afford to do so as they have all but clinched a playoff spot (all they have to do is win tonight). If they do, does it make sense to keep Jacob Trouba out for the rest of the regular season? What about having Eric Comrie play more? Clinching early gives the Jets time to make sure they can go into the playoffs healthy and rested.

As for Enstrom, this is probably a needed break from a player who sadly has a history of injuries. Thankfully, they have the luxury of resting him.