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Patrik Laine injured; will not return

The Jets top sniper has been taken out of the game with an injury.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Patrik Laine left the Winnipeg Jets game against the Los Angeles Kings early in the second after he blocked a shot. While it was pretty clear he would not be returning, this news has been confirmed.

This ends his point streak (26 points in 15 games) and, depending on the severity and how much time he will miss beyond tonight, takes him out of the race for the Rocket Richard Trophy for top goal scorer in the NHL.

While I know it is important, is there any reason for Laine to be blocking shots at all. The Jets are much better off with him letting a shot through and his goalie saving it then hurting himself and missing time. Laine’s ability to score goals is so important it would be better if the Jets allowed a couple of goals a year because he did not block shots than if he did and hurt himself like he did tonight.