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Recap: Winnipeg Jets attacked by Nashville Predators

One bad powerplay was all it took to beat the Jets.

Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

First of all, I thought this game was at 6 instead of 7, but I made it unlike any of the injured players who are still out.

Michael Hutchinson was supposed to give Connor Hellebuyck a rest and that rest lasted 10 minutes. Tough power play there, but Paul Maurice did the right thing and called a time out to calm down his team and get them re-focussed. It worked and the Jets looked much better in the second.

The rest of the game showed the Jets had good pushback, but not enough oomph (aka too many injuries) to come back, although Blake Wheeler did try with his goal. C’est la vie. On y va!

Ten Thoughts:

  1. First of all, how dare Paul Stastny go and get hurt thus breaking up my favourite line.
  2. The Jets look a step behind. Injuries and fatigue probably are the reason why, but can they at least try to look engaged?
  3. Oof ba boof, that was an ugly power play in which the Jets gave up not one, but two short-handed goals (not a breakaways) and pulled their goalie.
  4. I get the desire to pull Michael Hutchinson, but sometimes the back-up goalie needs to be the sacrificial lamb. Connor Hellebuyck needs to get some rest and this game was supposed to be that game and then after 10 minutes it wasn’t. Last season Al Montoya stayed in for 10 goals against for the Montreal Canadiens because it was Carey Price’s rest game. That should have been this game for Hutchinson/Hellebuyck.
  5. The Jets are getting power plays! They are getting shots! They are kind of looking alive! This is all I’ve got, folks.
  6. I think Blake Wheeler is playing centre in Paul Stastny’s place which is probably the best for the kids because he probably plays the most like Paul. Now if only Maurice put them back with Scheifele and allow the top line from last year to be reunited.
  7. Blake Wheeler making sure the Jets are not dead yet with that goal. It may be for naught, but at least there is still fight in them.
  8. Good news: I rarely notice Joe Morrow right now. Bad news: I notice Tyler Myers far too much.
  9. I think the Jets have made it out of the game without injuries. Is this allowed?
  10. It’s okay P.K. Subban, I love Nikolaj Ehlers as well, but it would help if you let go so he could get up.