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Recap: Don’t sing the Blues, the Jets can afford to lose a game or two

This game was bad enough to make some say “Christ Horburn!”.

St Louis Blues v Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets looked out of it for two periods, including giving up three goals in the second. They probably need to give Connor Hellebuyck more games off in the back-half of the season, but how can they when they are going through goalies like I go through socks in the summer? They might have to sacrifice some wins simply to let Hellebuyck have some games off. Not ideal, but them’s the breaks.

Outside of that, the Jets third pair of Ben Chiarot and Dmitry Kulikov looked bad and Tyler Myers did not look much better. That has to be sorted out before the playoffs. Thankfully the playoffs should involve Jacob Trouba so the problems should be isolated to the third pairing. Outside of that, things should sort themselves out in the near future. Don’t worry, be happy.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Jets are icing what is probably their best forward lineup ever and when Adam Lowry comes back it will be even better.
  2. Mark Scheifele being healthy is a sight for sore eyes. It not that Blake Wheeler was bad at centre, it’s just that Scheifele is that much better.
  3. Patrik Laine’s injury does not seem too serious, but simply a bit of a “stinger” on an unprotected area of his leg.
  4. I have a new book in my possession and yet here I am watching Ben Chiarot playing his off side when a perfectly fine Tucker Poolman could be playing instead.
  5. This game is bad enough that I have a feeling I am going to want to read my book through the entire third period. Tempest and Slaughter indeed.
  6. Giving up three goals in a period is bad, but honestly, this game looked like it was coming in the game against the Arizona Coyotes where they also looked a little off. This might be a symptom of having to step up for so long with the influx of injuries.
  7. Kyle Connor’s goal looked really weird in the sense that Jake Allen seemed to trickle in right after contacting Allen’s pad. Weird.
  8. Nikolaj Ehlers should be on the first power play unit because he is the best player on the Jets at zone entries. Alas, he is not and the Jets sometimes struggle to gain the zone.
  9. It’s ironic that the Jets broadcast was lamenting how futile individual efforts are while Laine was creating something with an individual effort.
  10. The Jets had an off game overall, but their third period was better. However, St. Louis is too good of a team to only play a period against.