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Recap: Winnipeg is Good

On Military Appreciation Night, remember all that the military does for Manitoba when it floods.

Arizona Coyotes v Winnipeg Jets

To be honest, this is a really hard game for me to recap because I have three illustrated Harry Potter books to read, a new Tamora Pierce book on the way, an apartment to clean, and a lot of work to do. But I watched the game anyways and the Winnipeg Jets are still good and can quite handidly beat the Arizona Coyotes so that’s something.

Also, Dustin Byfuglien has now played 800 NHL games, but I guess he is still fat and out of shape. insert eye roll here

Also, the Jets play the St. Louis Blues on Friday and Mark Scheifele is expected back so that’s good. I’m just tired. Bye.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Winnipeg Jets are getting very good at fast starts and Jack Roslovic has learned how to score goals in the NHL. These two things combined with a very nice Tobias Enstrom slap pass make for a great start.
  2. The Jets are a much better team than the Arizona Coyotes it hurts...not really.
  3. Patrik Laine is now taking low shots on the power play to create rebounds. There is a god.
  4. Antii Raanta has not been great this game and it is showing on the scoreboard. The Jets seem to be scoring many easy goals. Maybe that goes back to the Coyotes being bad.
  5. To be honest, this probably would have been a great game to get Michael Hutchinson playing again and I am not saying that because Connor Hellebyuck looked Helle suspect on the first goal.
  6. A fourth line with three decently skilled player instead of one is a much better fourth line and I say that as someone who is not a big Brendan Lemieux fan.
  7. Mark Scheifele is back on Friday and my god do the Jets need just a bit of help.
  8. Things that amuse me: shots being blocked by buts, the Jets scoring goals, Dustin Byfuglien hitting guys, and Tobias Enstrom adjusting his grip on his stick because it is too big.
  9. There was one point where it seemed like Blake Wheeler and Andrew Copp would never get off the ice. Bless Nic Petan for skating the puck out.
  10. The Jets win again. Almost getting boring. Almost.