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GDT: Winnipeg Jets versus Dallas Stars

The Central Division is the opponent for the Jets once again.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 6:00 PM CST

Channel: Sportsnet360/Sportsnet1

Radio: TSN1290

No recap tonight as report cards and trade rumours/reports are taking priority. Anyways, the Winnipeg Jets are playing tonight and could also be trading tonight you never know. They are playing the Dallas Stars who are coming off a shut out win as well. Difference is the Jets had to travel last night after theirs.

They will be facing former Atlanta Thrasher goalie Kari Lehtonen in goal while countering him with Michael Hutchinson. Although this does not logically give them the best chance to win, there is no need to play Connor Hellebuyck in a back to back right now.

Outside of that, no changes to the lineup. The Jets are still plowing along and looking to add a centre (that would push Matt Hendrick out of the lineup) as well as potentially a defenceman. Who knows though.

Winnipeg Jets Lineup: