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GDT: Winnipeg Jets versus St. Louis Blues

Torrey Mitchell cannot score in this one.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets are once again playing playing a game while the Olympics are on. The Jets will play their usual lineup with Connor Hellebuyck starting. They are taking this game seriously as they are still jockeying for position in the Central Division.

The Jets get to play the St. Louis Blues for the last time tonight and thank god. The Blues are the team that you watch and think “that guy is still playing?”. Ask the wonderful Laura, managing editor of the St. Louis Game Time and forever recovering Atlanta Thrashers fan, and she will tell you that they are a boring team. Bless you, Laura.

Now for the Jets, they are keeping Nic “worst player ever for taking that penalty once” Petan again tonight as they should because he brings more skill to the lineup. They are also welcoming Michael Hutchinson back to the bench as he has recovered from his concussion and has been cleared to play.

Winnipeg Jets Lineup: