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Altitude Check: Patrik Laine is running away with the Cy Young

Patrik Laine has how many assists?

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NHL: St. Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Jets News:

Patrik Laine has the most insane stat line while Blake Wheeler is trying to be Joe Thornton. (NBCSports)

Murat Ates gives the Winnipeg Jets a report card. (The Athletic)

Kristian Vesalainen is making good use of his time in the KHL. (Twitter)

A little bit more on the Jets special visit to the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Missed this, but unsurprisingly Nelson Nogier is back to the Manitoba Moose. (Global)

JetsCentric Podcast had a special guest this week: Ken Wiebe. (Twitter)

Hockey News:

The Ottawa 67s are having a The Office night and their promo is perfect. (Twitter)

Cody Franson on learning in the KHL. (KHL)

Alexis Lafrenière was not a prodigy and maybe that is the point of it all. (The Athletic)

Marc-Andre Fleury: forever trying to make life fun. (NHL)

I can walk past a retention pond and see a million rinks, but for how much longer can I do that? Global warming can change hockey for the worse. (The Athletic)

Where are all the hockey players coming from? (The Athletic)

How do NHLers tie their skates? (The Athletic)

Can goaltending be made into a less expensive position? They’re trying to make it more affordable for everyone. (The Athletic)

I have set up a news alert so I am not using so many Athletic links in the future.